“If she’s not a huge success, it’ll be an absolute travesty” Charlie Brooker


“So clever and so funny” Kate Copstick


“She's fantastic. Wonderfully clever lyrics and very funny" John Fleming, The Scotsman


“You may not have heard of Ariane Sherine yet, but you will" Claire Smith, The Scotsman





“Articulate, imaginative and very funny. If you enjoy clever, knuckle-shredding, ribald humour, you’ll wallow in this” **** music-news.com


“Quite brilliant... funny in anyone's book” The Erotic Review


“Adorable” Evening Standard





“What a fantastic and original album. I don't buy music often these days, but maybe I would if it was more like this - a collection of wonderfully catchy pop tunes with cleverly written lyrics. The songs are hilariously rude and (sometimes) very shocking. It sticks up a finger to political correctness and aims to cause offence. That does make it stand out, although it could limit its appeal, which would be a shame as this is a well crafted album that deserves to see huge success. It's the best thing I've heard for years. Buy it now!”


“The electropop tracks are melodic and catchy, the lyrics are incredibly cheeky and totally sexually explicit leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination! They will certainly make some people blush. The album is a humorous satire about lovemaking and relates to Ariane Sherine's ups and downs in her love life. She's hot on the album cover and has a sexy, soothing voice on all the songs making them very easy to listen to. I especially like the melody and the beat in the first song, Put It In.”


“Tremendous fun. Absolutely filthy. Nice music too.”



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